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NEW! Import your syllabus straight into WeDo. Never enter another due date or reminders for another assignment.

Besides many amazing features, the app is also good-looking and operates flawlessly.

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Every important feature is free.

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Organize work, grocery, movies, homework, and even habit lists. No matter what you need to remember, how big or small it may be, WeDo makes it easy to do.


Life is more than tasks, which is why WeDo is focused on helping you reflect and track key aspects of how you spend your time.


Learn powerful insights into your life. Where you spend your time, how that affects your mood, and other powerful stats and reflections.

Be focused, not broke

WeDo keeps the core features free, never again will you have to pay for stuff like due dates, reminders, subtasks or even attachments.

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Available for free on iPhoneiPadMacAndroid, and the Web, WeDo works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your life in sync for free.

Set yourself up for success

We're here to help you, whether that's just keeping track of just a few things, or everything in your life. Most users upgrade to Pro to make WeDo even more powerful towards accomplishing their goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to solve all of my problems?

Unfortunately, no. But, the people who use WeDo for at least 10 days, see dramatic improvements in their overall mindfulness and productivity.

Why are so many features free?

We simply don't believe things like reminders and due dates should be paid features. Enjoy life a little.

Do you sell my data?

No. Unlike other productivity apps, we are privacy nuts over here. You're welcome to try and sell your lists on the black market though.

What do I use WeDo for?

The people who get the most out of WeDo use it as their second brain. While some just keep track of a few things, we invite you try using it anything that you want to remember that you want to do at some point.