We're on a mission.

Imagine having a proactive assistant. One that reaches out to you when you're low on energy to go on a walk, or understands what's important, how long those things will take, and when you should do them. Sure, it will help you plan, but it will understand the real goals you have - like learning a language, living healthier, or finding your flow. Imagine spending most of your time doing, rather than entering. That's what we're building.

Wellness and productivity.

Like most Americans, we struggle with time management and focus causes stress, which led us to try just about every consumer-productivity product under the sun. What we found is that all these products are either hyper-focused on the immediate and obligatory, or too convoluted or inaccessible to be used on a regular basis. We founded WeDo with the perception that overcoming these hurdles would be the solution to creating the best product.

We realized that the biggest problem with these products is that they don’t address the glaring correlation between wellness and productivity. Which is why they ultimately fall short of delivering any lasting results. So, we set out to create the first wellness-focused approach to not only productivity but to managing everything in life.

Based in Santa Barbara, CA.
Founded 2015