The Story of WeDo

It is difficult to communicate and collaborate effectively with the people in our lives and to stay on track with what we need to get done. Collaborating with families, friends, and coworkers is at the foundation of what we do every day. We made WeDo to make this easier than ever.

There are already to-do list apps out there, so why make another one? We realized that a lot of people would have separate apps: for work, for families, one just for yourself, and one to track your daily habits. But they all basically do the same thing. There had to be a way to make a simple app you can use for everything in your life.

We challenged the assumptions of how task apps work and redesigned how we collaborate on tasks, professionally and personally. We took the best experiences from the apps we use every day and applied them to WeDo.

It's a new way of looking at your tasks, and when you use WeDo for the first time, we believe you'll say "of course."

- The WeDo Team

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