Legal validity of electronic signatures

WEDO's electronic signatures are legally valid and comply with the EU and Swiss legal regulations.

Compliant with EU and Swiss Legal Regulations


Europe law certified signature

The Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services regulation "establishes the framework to ensure that electronic interactions between businesses are safer and more efficient" in the EU.


Europe law certified signature

The Federal Act on Electronic Signatures defines the requirements for digital certificates and the obligations of service providers to "promote a wide range of secure certification services" in Switzerland.

Legally valid electronic signature for every legal standard

Legislation differentiates between three types of electronic signatures. Each type varies in its application scope and legal validity.


Simple electronic signature

Legal weight

Scope of application

Documents without legal form requirement and with low liability risk

Trust and security

Low level of identity security and simple signature triggering (LOA 1 to 2)

How does it work ?

  • Identity check when signing a document with a mobile phone number

Regulatory basis

Low requirement level Integrity of the signed document ensured by advanced organisation certificate according to Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) AATL compliant

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