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  • Collaborative agendas

    Share the agenda with your colleagues so that everyone can add their own topics and take note of the content.

  • Transcription of discussions

    Write up your minutes during the meeting and bring everyone up to date straight afterwards.

  • Calendar sync

    Synchronize your events with Outlook, Gmail, iCal and all other ICS-compatible calendars.

  • Add files to the agenda

    Include the documents to be presented or approved during the meeting on your agenda.

  • Recurring topics

    This feature enables you to prepare your agenda in advance and automate its structure for future meetings. Topics to be reviewed or postponed are programmed.

  • Sharing minutes

    After a meeting, share and archive the minutes directly on WEDO.

  • Meeting time management

    Keep control over the duration of your meetings by setting the time allocated to each topic on your agenda.

  • coming soon

    Secured electronic signature

    WEDO enables you to digitally sign all your reports with legal validity. You can choose from 3 standards - SES, AES and QES (equivalent to handwritten signature).

  • Digital voting

    Our Voting module makes it easy to collect votes and pass decisions at your meetings.

  • Follow-up on tasks during meetings

    Instantly see which tasks have been completed and which remain to be done from one meeting to the next.

  • new

    Email to topic

    From your mailbox, transfer a message to WEDO to deal with the subject in a meeting.

  • Decision follow-up

    The decision block allows you to highlight decisions made at a meeting and quickly find them in the feed.

  • Managing presenters

    Involve participants in your meetings by defining one or more presenters for each topics.

  • Navigate between meetings

    Navigate between meeting occurrences in one click, to keep track of past discussions.

  • Locking minutes

    Guarantee the integrity of your Minutes by locking them once proofread and validated.

  • Task/meeting link

    Tasks created in meetings feature a link in their details pane, giving one-click access to the relevant topic. This allows you to view the task in context.

  • Meeting history

    View a meeting's history to retrace all the actions carried out during the meeting.

  • Annotations

    Annotate files to prepare your interventions


  • Delegate tasks

    Delegate tasks to your team members, specifying deadlines, attaching files and any other relevant information.

  • Checklists

    Save checklist templates for your recurring processes, then track their progress in real time.

  • coming soon

    Task dependency

    The dependency between tasks determines the order in which activities need to be executed. It can be used to mark a task as blocking another task, or as being blocked by another task.

  • Kanban view

    Find all your tasks in List view or Kanban view.

  • Calendar sync

    Synchronize tasks with Outlook, Gmail, iCal and all other ICS-compatible calendars.

  • Email to task

    Convert your emails into tasks, so you can unclutter your inbox and deal efficiently with all the requests you receive.

  • coming soon

    Advanced subtasks

    Subtasks allow you to split up your tasks. You can assign individual steps to different members of your team.

  • Custom filters

    Create customized task filters for a clear, selective view.

  • Custom fields

    Add custom fields in the task details pane to specify and structure information.

  • Comments on tasks

    Communicate with your colleagues in the right context thanks to comments in tasks.

Project management

  • Feed

    Keep track of your workspace activities with a chronological log.

  • Project Management

    Bring together all the functions you need to manage your projects in a single tool.

  • coming soon

    Gantt chart

    This feature provides a visual and temporal projection of your tasks, as well as the progress of the various activities that make up a project.

  • External users

    Collaborate with your customers and external service providers by inviting them to join your WEDO network, free of charge.

  • coming soon

    Project portfolio

    Manage your customer or project portfolio in a structured way.


  • File sharing

    Each workspace lets you share files with the members concerned.

  • File search

    Search for a file with keywords based on file name or text content.

  • Folder tree

    Optimize your filing system by creating folders to organize your files.

  • Versioning

    WEDO manages conflicts between different versions of the same file. Versions can be downloaded, restored or deleted.

  • File tagging

    Add one or more tags to your files to distinguish their attributes and make them easier to find.


  • API

    Create your own custom integrations using our public API.

  • Set-up & training

    Our experts will help you set up your network and provide training to help your team get to grips with WEDO.

  • Fast, personal support

    Free : Chat support, tutorials, articles, videos and webinars.

  • Global search

    Search by keyword across tasks, meetings, decisions, files and paragraphs.

  • Roles and access management

    Access to workspaces and meeting rights can be customized for each participant.

  • Smart notifications

    Choose how and how often you want to receive notifications.

  • new

    Circles and Roles

    Horizontal management: visualize the distribution of roles in your organization with the governance module.

  • Swiss made

    Entirely developed and hosted in Switzerland

  • Hosted in Switzerland

    WEDO is hosted by Exoscale, a Swiss-based hosting provider. The datacenters are located in Zurich and Geneva. They are ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

  • Mobile access

    Compatible and accessible from all devices with Internet access.

  • coming soon
    Teams logo

    MS Teams integration

    Subtasks allow you to split up your tasks. You can assign individual steps to different members of your team.

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