With WEDO, improve collaboration within your organization. Manage your meetings on our secure collaborative platform, from establishing the agenda to drafting the minutes. Follow up on tasks from one session to the next. Promote communication between co-workers.

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Make your meetings actionnable

Shared Agenda​

Prepare your meeting agenda collaboratively to ensure everyone is well prepared.

Realtime Note Taking​

Take your minutes during the meeting and allow everyone to be up to date directly at the session's end.

Meetings Follow-up​

Make post-meeting follow-up easy by giving instant access to the meeting minutes with integrated task progress.

Task Management​

Create collaborative workspaces to share tasks with your teammates and view all your tasks in one place.

Team Meetings

Empower every team member to participate during team meetings and take ownership for their work.

One-on-One Meetings

Have engaging 1-on-1s, never forget what was discussed, and build better relationships with your direct reports.

Before the meeting

Having a productive conversation is rare when nobody has a plan for what to talk about. With WEDO, your team can collaborate on an agenda, prepare materials in advance, and write questions to ask during the meeting.

Before the meeting

During the meeting

If you’re brainstorming ideas and making decisions, you’ll get better results when your whole team contributes. WEDO’s real-time note-taking tool promotes collaboration and encourages everyone to participate actively in the conversation.

During the meeting

After the meeting

A team meeting without action items is just a status update. Make your meetings more productive by tracking critical decisions and next steps. With WEDO, your team can create action items, track and prioritize tasks in-between meetings, and automatically carry-forward incomplete tasks and topics to the next meeting.

After the meeting

Qualified electronic signatures

WEDO allows you to digitally sign all your reports with legal validity - SES, AES and QES

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Your data security is our top priority

You can rest easy knowing that we employ many security technologies and industry best practices to ensure that our product and systems stay secure.

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