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"A simple, intuitive and user-friendly tool."

Launched by David Dutch and Antoine Sudan, WEDO is a 100% Swiss collaborative tool for companies of all sizes. Available in French, German and English, the platform allows employees to network in the management of their tasks, meetings and projects. Followed by Fri Up for almost a year, the start-up has the ambition to become a national reference.

How did you meet and when did the idea of a joint project arise?

Antoine: "We met on the train in 2003 when we were on our way to the Technical Professional Maturity Course (EPSIC). A good alchemy quickly set in, as did the idea of creating our own company to combine our skills. After studying engineering, we each worked on our own, maintaining special bonds of friendship. It was an important step to gain experience and mature our project."

David: "We launched WEDO when we realized the need to develop a collaborative tool to centralize a company's information and network its employees in the management of their tasks, sessions and projects."

Many tools exist on the market in project management. How does your product stand out?

Antoine: "First of all, we conducted interviews with some 300 company directors with between 5 and 4,500 employees, with the aim of understanding their organisations and their needs in order to develop our tool. On this basis, we built the WEDO platform. It allows prioritizing, planning, delegating and classifying tasks, while offering a global vision to each employee on all his tasks, the progress of the tasks he has delegated to his colleagues and the person responsible for each activity within a project. Communication between collaborators is then managed in the form of tasks that include a comment system. History is recorded to keep track of activities."

What is the first feedback you have received from users?

David: "All of our customers mention the simplicity, ergonomics and user-friendliness of the tool. We remain very attentive to the users' needs. They provide us with valuable information in the optimization of our solution and the development, if necessary, of new functionalities. In the long term, we want to become a Swiss reference in collaborative tools for companies".

How did you get to the North Incubator?

Antoine: "Pierre-André Arm, director of COREB, has become a WEDO customer. He then suggested that we contact Fri Up. And last November, we got our sesame for a coaching from the Association and accommodation at the North Incubator in Morat.

David: "Our coach, Markus Ith, helped us with administrative aspects such as insurance and accounting. Today, he mainly follows our dashboards and puts us in touch with prospects."


Interview by Véronique Grady / Source: Original article from the info patronale

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