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WEDO, the startup that makes tasks clear.

Estavayer-­le-­Lac » WEDO is ready to conquer companies. Founded in August 2015 in Estavayer-le-Lac by two young engineers, David Dutch (IT) from Fribourg and Antoine Sudan (management), the startup offers an online application at «It is a collaborative tool, which allows you to manage tasks in teams», summarizes Antoine Sudan.

Duly identified and in groups, the members of a company can enter tasks, plan them, assign priorities, delegate them, comment them, filter them, archive them, monitor their progress or receive notifications, among other functionalities. A special feature of this 100% Swiss application is that all data is securely hosted exclusively in Switzerland.

«We surveyed 300 business owners to identify the needs when we developed version 1, which was released in April 2015. To date, around 30 companies are using our application, including a bank, residential homes and industrial companies. Their instantaneous feedback allows us to continuously refine the application, according to users' needs. As a result, we are now at version 20 of WEDO», explains the engineer.

The duo, who have been supported by Fri Up (coaching and locations) since November 2015, feel confident enough today to think bigger. «There are only two of us. But if everything works according to our business plan, we'll be able to hire as early as 2018», hopes Antoine Sudan.


Interview by Stéphane Sanchez / Source: Original article from La Liberté

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