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Task Management: The Big Spring Clean!

helena_galera.pngHéléna Galera |

It's time to get out the brooms and rags to do spring cleaning in your task lists and work environment! Take the opportunity to throw out anything that is no longer needed, update what needs to be updated and focus on the most critical tasks.

Sorting and cleaning your to-do lists will have a beneficial effect on your productivity. All you have to do is block off an hour in your calendar, pour yourself a cup of coffee, start your favorite playlist, and get to work!

Here are some steps to get your projects in order:

  • Make a list of all your current tasks - this will allow you to see the scope of your current and upcoming projects so you can anticipate a possible lack of resources and prevent potential delays. For more clarity in tracking your projects, it is recommended to use a task manager that will allow you to centralize your tasks and those of your colleagues.
  • Prioritize your tasks - this will help you focus on the most critical tasks with the shortest due dates and the most severe consequences for poor execution.
  • Evaluate your tasks - ask yourself if all tasks are necessary, still relevant, or could be updated or deleted.
  • Eliminate redundant or unnecessary tasks - free up time and resources to focus on more important tasks.
  • Update your tasks - if they need updating, change them to keep them relevant.
  • Delegate - if a task doesn't seem relevant to your skills or job description, discuss with your colleagues and supervisors whether you should delegate it to a colleague.

Beyond your task lists, you can extend your spring cleaning to your work environment. Get rid of unnecessary things and rethink your organization to make a fresh start.

  • Spend a few minutes on your personal storage space, such as a locker or drawer. File or scan documents that must be filed to eliminate unnecessary or non-functional items.
  • Your mind will be lightened with an orderly workstation. To do this, sort out your desk. Put away your documents, throw away pens that haven't had ink in months, and collect all your Post-its and notes encroaching on your space. A digitalized task and note manager is highly recommended to avoid forgetting information written on loose sheets.
  • Sort out your computer desktop. Computer screens are often overwhelmed with files left there "momentarily" Here is an opportunity to sort or delete them to rediscover your desktop.

Spring cleaning is a rite of passage that guarantees guaranteed satisfaction and well-being, even if sometimes perceived as a chore.

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