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Trophée PME : discover WEDO in video

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Two Fribourg SMEs, WEDO and Swiss Statistical Design & Innovation, have won the Trophées PME 2023 contest of the Fribourg conurbation. This distinction was awarded at the awards ceremony, held last Thursday at the Forum Fribourg, in the presence of some 200 guests. This biennial competition aims to reward dynamic and creative companies based in the conurbation, as part of its economic promotion activities.

Competition winners:

In the SME category, WEDO won over the jury with its innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for preparing meetings, tracking tasks assigned to employees and drafting minutes in real time. The company now has 15 employees.

Watch the video portrait of WEDO

As for the micro-company category, Swiss Statistical Design & Innovation stood out thanks to its artificial intelligence models based on "smart data" (intelligent data processing). Founded in 2018 by three EPFL engineers, the company has developed models capable of providing strategic advice based on statistical analysis and currently employs six staff.

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