A collaborative platform for efficient remote meetings

mathilde_sudan.jpegMathilde Sudan |

HR Today is the Swiss media of reference in the field of human resources management. On April 28, 2021, an article dedicated to remote meetings was published in the special Remote Work section. The article refers to WEDO as the ideal collaborative solution for efficient remote meetings.

Remote collaboration is now a daily issue for all companies. WEDO offers a tool to manage meetings, tasks and projects. Each team member can contribute to the preparation of meetings, write minutes or even take note of the tasks he/she has to perform from any location.

The digitalization of companies has led to an increase in the exchange of information between employees. Recently, remote work has further increased this problem. Although tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams facilitate exchanges and communication, they do not solve the lack of information structure. As a result, employees find themselves drowning in a flood of information and often suffer from a time-consuming disease: acute meeting fatigue. Meetings and their follow-up take a lot of time, the management of delegated tasks is tedious and it is difficult to know who does what and until when. WEDO is the solution that enables organizations to collaborate efficiently. [...]

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