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Interview with André Oldani on the digitisation of SBF

gilles_pittet.pngGilles Pittet |

The Association of Swiss Professional Photographers and Film Creators (SBF) is at the heart of Switzerland's visual world and is particularly distinguished by its commitment to the quality of its images. Through a combination of professionalism, innovation and artistic competence, the SBF represents the interests of its members (approximately 700 in Switzerland) while promoting excellence.

André Oldani, member of the national board and financial officer of the association, explains to us how WEDO has acted as a catalyst for SBF's digital transformation.

What tools did you use to ensure collaboration within your association before integrating WEDO ?

Different tools were used. In fact, the different regional sections organised themselves and different tools were used depending on the chair or department. Since 2020/2021, I have launched an initiative to digitize and harmonize the different regional structures.

What were the limitations in using these different tools?

There was no synchronizsation between the different software programmes and our work lacked structure.

How do you use the WEDO tool nowadays?

At national level, we use WEDO for the meetings of the management body and the assembly of delegates. With WEDO, we can keep track of tasks from one meeting to the next, making sure we don't forget anything. We also use WEDO's storage space to store our files centrally and securely.

At section level, i.e. regional level, WEDO is not yet integrated everywhere, but the goal is that every section or division will work exclusively with WEDO in the future. This will also make it easier to work with the Executive Committee, as everything will be centralised in one place.

How was the integration of the tool accepted by your members?

Generally very positive. As it is a new software, of course you have to learn how to use it, but it is very "userfriendly".

How does WEDO help your company with digitalization?

WEDO has helped us to digitize mainly at the level of meetings and tasks. The fact that everything is centralized allows us to manage data more efficiently. To be honest, WEDO is an important part of the association’s digitization strategy.

Which functionalities of WEDO are used most often and why?

We use the meeting tool a lot because we can coordinate and document our meetings and also for traceability reasons. We also use tasks to unify the way we work and have everything in one place. File storage is also used for the same reasons as tasks.

What advantages does your association have by using WEDO?

Thanks to WEDO, we save a lot of time. Tracking tasks, decisions and meetings is greatly simplified. As everything is consolidated on a single platform, we have a clear overview of the association's tasks.

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