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Humilimont's EMS works with WEDO

antoine_sudan.pngAntoine Sudan |

The EMS d'Humilimont is located in a magnificent setting surrounded by greenery and forest with a splendid view of the Fribourg Pre-Alps. We welcome 33 residents for long-term care. Some 50 employees accompany the residents.

Why did you opt for WEDO?

We were looking for a tool to delegate and track tasks. Outlook did not allow us to obtain the desired traceability. WEDO gives us a global vision of the pending tasks.

How do you use WEDO to organize your work? Can you give us a concrete example?

We have put together several checklists that allow us to easily follow our internal processes: welcoming residents, welcoming staff, scheduling RAI assessments, updating documents, annual party, etc.

On the other hand, we use WEDO to centralize repair orders for building maintenance. Transport planning, purchasing and vehicle reservations are also carried out on the platform.

What was the reaction of your employees when you integrated WEDO into your company?

Organizational change inevitably leads to resistance. We have therefore trained the various employees in order to help them understand this new tool.

The hesitation of managers to acquire a new tool has gradually disappeared. Today, we could no longer do without WEDO.

How has the collaborative tool changed the way you communicate?

As far as communication is concerned, it's fantastic! Thanks to WEDO, we forget less. The collaborative tool makes it possible to centralise the information circulating in the company in order to facilitate access to the various employees.

We have kept the oral communication but thanks to the fast typing, we systematically leave a written trace of our discussions.

What is your favorite feature in the application?

For some, task management that allows you not to forget anything and to organize yourself with a global vision. For others, the checklists that allow a control of the processes and guarantee a perfect traceability.

How has WEDO changed the way you work as a team?

The trust placed in individual employees does not exclude the need to monitor the progress of outstanding tasks. WEDO allows us to be more precise in our approach to teamwork. Thanks to WEDO, we have become more demanding in the follow-up of actions and this without any additional effort. We write down the tasks to be done and take the time to organize them when we have a moment.

Who would you recommend our application to?

We recommend WEDO to any company that wants to improve its communication. In fact, whenever we have the opportunity, we recommend WEDO to anyone who might be interested.

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