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Six improvements for WEDO version 17

antoine_sudan.pngAntoine Sudan |

The latest version of WEDO (#17) is now online for all our users. It includes the following improvements:

Customer's logo

Each client can now replace the WEDO logo with their own logo in the application. The logo will also be automatically included in the task lists exported as PDFs. To change your company logo, go to Profile > Settings > Company tab.

New filter system

For simplicity, the filter system has been redesigned. You will find two separate spaces above the task lists. On the left are the predefined filters (with additional options). On the right side, the display of tasks according to their status (in progress, completed and deleted).

Relative planning of checklists

When creating a checklist template, you can now choose the planned date and due date for each task. The schedule is set in number of days relative to the start date.

Once your template has been created, you will be asked to choose the launch date on which the planned dates and due dates will be calculated.

The checklist launched, will send the planned tasks to the right people.

Exporting tasks individually

An option is added in the export window. You can now choose whether you want to export all tasks or only the selected tasks. Let's say I want to export a single task. I select it, click Export and choose the Selected tasks option.

Editing comments

A comment entered can be modified or deleted. This can only be done by its editor and within 15 minutes. After this time, the comment will no longer be editable for traceability reasons. This delay will allow you to modify the comments in case of a typing or spelling mistake for example.

Removal of observers

An observer can now be deleted (after addition) on a task. This can only be done by the person who added the observer or the observer himself.


This is a nice version of WEDO that brings even more performance and simplicity to our collaborative tool. Thank you to all our customers for their feedback that allows us to improve WEDO week after week. Keep an eye on our blog, new features are still planned for the end of this year 2016.

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