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The importance of HDS certification in the healthcare sector

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sécurité données de santé

What is Health Data Hosting (HDS) certification?

HDS certification is a mandatory French standard for companies storing or processing personal health data. Introduced to ensure that sensitive data is securely hosted, protected against unauthorized access, and managed in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, HDS certification is much more than a simple legal obligation; it represents a guarantee of quality and security in the hosting of healthcare data. Responding to the major challenges of sensitive data protection, regulatory compliance and user confidence, HDS certification is essential in the era of digitization of healthcare services, to guarantee the security and confidentiality of healthcare data.

Why is HDS certification essential?

Protecting sensitive data

Health data includes sensitive information about a person's state of health, treatments and medical history. A breach of this data can have serious consequences for the privacy and dignity of individuals. HDS certification ensures that hosting providers implement rigorous security measures to protect this information.

Regulatory compliance

In France, the legislative framework surrounding the protection of healthcare data is particularly strict. HDS certification, which complies with RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) standards and French legislation, enables healthcare establishments to meet their legal obligations in terms of data protection.

Trust of patients and healthcare professionals

Certification offers a guarantee that data is managed professionally and securely, boosting the confidence of patients, who are increasingly concerned about the protection of their personal data. Healthcare professionals can rely on reliable hosting services for the management of medical records.

Hébergement des données de santé

Scope of application for HDS certification

Field of application 1: Hosting of electronic medical records

A hospital chooses an HDS-certified provider to host its electronic medical records, thus ensuring the protection of patient data against cyber-attacks and data breaches, while guaranteeing fast and secure access to medical information by authorized personnel.

Field of application 2: Mobile health monitoring application

A start-up develops a mobile application enabling users to track their health, set reminders to take medication, and share their health data with their doctor. By choosing an HDS-certified hosting provider, the start-up guarantees the protection of users' health data, and ensures that its application complies with current regulations.

Field of application 3: Hosting of data transcribed into the various management software packages used by healthcare establishments

Like any business, healthcare establishments require the help of management software to ensure information and file sharing, collaboration between departments and staff, and administrative management, for example. Such software inevitably contains sensitive data, whether concerning patients or staff. It is therefore imperative that these programs host their data in an HDS-certified data center.

WEDO: Secure administrative management software for healthcare establishments

WEDO is a secure cloud solution that enables healthcare professionals to collaborate easily. Thanks to its numerous data protection features and HDS-certified datacenter (Exoscale), WEDO enables sensitive information to be processed, stored and communicated securely within its network. Here are just a few examples of how data can be processed using WEDO software:

Processes and checklists

WEDO's checklist templates unify internal processes:

  • Checklists for welcoming residents
  • Checklists for events
  • Placement of residents in departments and cantons

Rotating teams

WEDO streamlines and centralizes communication between rotating teams:

  • Task delegation
  • Reading the activity feed to see what happened on the previous shift
  • Important notifications during shift rotation
  • Review of files

Medical interviews

WEDO keeps track of medical discussions and facilitates their retrieval:

  • Bilateral interviews with patients
  • Interviews with healthcare professionals
  • Care meetings
  • Any other sensitive meeting

General administration and human resources

Simple management for all the facility's professions:

  • Unification of processes within the facility
  • Comment system for tasks
  • Easier transfer of knowledge and processes when changing employees within an administrative or care team.

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