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Why us?

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WEDO is based in the heart of the French-speaking part of Switzerland, close to you. Its employees are easily reachable by phone or by email.


Collaboration is the most important element of any professional activity, today more than ever. WEDO is a web application that supports this collaboration by facilitating it and making it visual. In the office or on the move, your colleagues and the operating activity of your company will be with you at all times.


The first impression is always the same: “a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface”. It only takes a few minutes to understand the collaborative tool. Everyone can get organized in a few clicks thanks to WEDO.


Communication is the key to success. Is it not true for human resource management, project management, collaboration within a company and human relationships in general?


The goal is to be efficient without wasting any time. Organization is therefore necessary, but it should not disturb the completion of an activity. In this sense, providing an efficient tool is a constant challenge.

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