WEDO becomes WEDO Sàrl

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At the beginning of 2014, the idea of a collaborative tool that would facilitate the communication within a company seemed like an interesting idea that needed to be developed. This application had to allow the exchange of information while focusing on the current tasks to accomplish. Two engineers, one in IT and the other in project management, gathered their experiences to define the framework of this new generation tool.

From of May 2014, interviews were planned to obtain the opinion of managers from different fields of activity. The collected feedbacks were carefully transmitted to the development manager, which allowed him to start creating the tool. This process, that consists of taking into account the opinions of prospects and customers and transmitting them to the developer, is now anchored in the way we approach new ideas at WEDO. Our philosophy is the following: ”listen and adapt”.

Interviews and developments continued, which allowed us to launch the first version of the software and get our first customers in April 2015 (10 months after the begin of the development).

With its success, the product named WEDO changed into a company now called WEDO Sàrl. This young startup is developing a product closer to the expectations of its customers. The software is equipped with the best technologies available on the market while remaining very simple to use and to be implemented in companies.

Everything was planned in the course of 2015 to ensure the security of the application, from the development to the hosting of data. WEDO Sàrl is a company from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, offering a solution that is 100% Swiss.

Any person who is interested in WEDO can request a free demo and give his opinion on the application. This does not commit you financially and helps WEDO to be an effective and user-friendly tool for everyday use.

2016 will be the year of innovations: new meetings, new feedbacks, new prospects, new customers and new functionalities in the application. With a common goal: develop a tool that facilitates collaboration within a company and among employees.

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