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WEDO for Foundations and associations

WEDO tackles the daily challenges of foundations and associations to facilitate the collaboration and engagement of their members. Composed of volunteers or employees, those institutions face the same challenges as traditional organizations: task management, preparation of meetings, project follow-up, organization of events, exchange of documents, all fundamental organizational issues for their proper operation.

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Make your meetings actionnable

Realtime Note Taking​

Take your minutes during the meeting and allow everyone to be up to date directly at the session's end.

Task Management​

Create collaborative workspaces to share tasks with your teammates and view all your tasks in one place.

Prepare your meeting in teams

Share the agenda items to your colleagues so every one is on the same page. Ensure the quality and the duration of your meetings.

Get your members involved

Allow each member to actively participate in the sessions and follow up on his or her responsibilities.

Create checklists for your recurring events

Create a checklist for all your events. Then, constantly refine your best practices and ensure that your events are always successful.

Foundation Board Meetings and General Assemblies

Process the topics, take decisions and lock your reports once validated.

Before the meeting

Prepare the meeting by sharing files to allow the attendees to read and annotate them. Write down the decisions to be taken. Ensure the quality and the duration of your meetings.

Before the meeting

During the meeting

Write your meeting minutes. Add notes, validate decisions and add tasks to your agenda items in real time. WEDO’s real-time notetaking tool promotes collaboration and encourages everyone to participate actively in the conversation.

During the meeting

After the meeting

Once you’ve addressed and summarized all your meeting topics, send your meeting notes to all attendees. All your past meetings are a tab away, so you can easily refer to them later on. Use WEDO’s powerful search to find past decisions.

After the meeting

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