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Schools & Faculties: automate your recurring procedures

mathilde_sudan.jpegMathilde Sudan |

Management of recurrent procedures: what are the challenges?

In administrative departments, process management is an integral part of daily activities. Procedures are often summarized as lists of tasks to be performed in a predefined order. While these steps are common and everyday for educational institutions, completing them can be difficult and may challenge the institution's quality assurance. Let's explore some common obstacles together:

  • A large amount of information to process through different communication channels: internal documents and notes, emails, calls, letters, etc.
  • Complex organization: many employees involved in the process.
  • Transversal coordination (several departments and sites involved).
  • Documents that are not up to date and follow-up files that are not very collaborative, even complex (spreadsheets, Excel sheets, Word documents).
  • A lack of clarity in the tasks to be accomplished (no reference document or with incomplete explanations)
  • A hybrid work mode: face-to-face and remote employees.
  • A lack of global communication that can jeopardize the quality of execution.
  • A staff leaving the company, which hinders the completion of a procedure in cases where the former employee had the necessary know-how and knowledge.


Does this list remind you of situations you have experienced? Do you work in the education sector and think your procedures' conduct could be improved?

WEDO offers you the Templates and Checklists feature that allows you to increase the efficiency and collaboration of your departments. Find out how to automate your institution's routine procedures by quickly creating templates and generating predefined task lists.

We help you manage your recurring procedures

1. Model your recurring procedures

✅ List and assign tasks

Ensure the quality and monitoring of your internal processes by creating templates for each procedure. This way, the employees get a clear and structured overview of the processes in place and the tasks for which they are responsible.

📅 Plan the tasks

For each task, define deadlines relative to a reference date. When you launch a checklist based on the template, the deadlines will be automatically generated. You can then distinguish :

  • Tasks to be done before the reference date
  • Tasks to be done on the reference date
  • Tasks to be done after the reference date

↗ Sharing information

The templates will also allow you to transmit knowledge to employees while maintaining consistency in executing procedures. Train new employees efficiently by giving them access to the checklist templates that concern them.

📋Modify template tasks at any time

Does a procedure need to be reviewed? Authorized users have easy access to the model's tasks to revise it.

2. Launch a checklist when the procedure is to be performed

Is your template ready? All you have to do is launch a checklist to start a procedure! Then, your colleagues instantly receive the tasks they are responsible for in their personal space.

3. Collaborate and communicate easily

Communicate with your colleagues by commenting on the tasks from each current checklist. Your colleagues will be instantly notified and can exchange with you.

4. Follow the progress of the procedures in progress

With this feature, your follow-up is assured, and you can :

  • Analyze the progress of a specific checklist.
  • Get a global view of the progress of all current checklists.
  • Sort checklists according to their progress percentage or their reference date.

Education sector: standardized procedures to ensure quality

Ensuring the quality of services to customers and partners is a significant challenge for training institutions. Many institutions obtain certifications and labels, such as the ISO standards (21001:2018) for education and training organizations. The administrative requirements to obtain these certifications are often tedious. WEDO will assist you throughout the implementation of these particular procedures. Once your institution is certified, the Templates and Checklists will ensure quality in executing your institution's internal processes.

Some examples of procedures you could manage with WEDO in your institution

Management, Administration & Secretariat

  • Organization of the school start
  • Material orders
  • Preparation of the timetables
  • Preparation of the curricula
  • Annual budget
  • Organization of graduation ceremonies
  • Certifications & labels
  • Administration of the alumni network

Human Resources Management

  • Entry of an employee
  • Leave of an employee
  • Recruitment process

Admissions Office

  • Student application
  • Student matriculation
  • Student visa

Pedagogical groups

  • Exam preparation
  • Pedagogical days
  • Organization of activities
  • Organization of congresses

Academic events

  • Open house
  • Alumni meetings
  • Information events
  • Special events

Marketing & Communication

  • Communication campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Translations

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